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Programming & Electronics Basics 1- PM

12 1/2 hours with live instructor. Hardware & Software included!

  • Started Mar 2, 2021
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Learn the basics of programming, coding and electronics including current, voltage, and digital logic. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Summary of curriculum: Day 1- You build your first circuit and use it to learn about where electricity comes from, how the components in the circuit work together, and how electricity can be measured. You will learn about: * Electricity * Electrical sources * Short circuits * Open circuits * Closed circuits * Anode * Cathode * Identify components * Control circuit's flow Day 2- You’ll explore Ohm’s law. You will learn about: * Resistance * Current * Voltage * Schematics * Parallel circuits * Use a multi-meter Day 3- You’ll write programs to control the LEDs in a circuit, including a program for a traffic light. You will learn about: * Pseudocode * Arduino IDE * Analog & digital components * Ohm's Law * Calculate resistance Day 4- You’ll investigate analog signals and how they can be used to control a circuit. You will learn about: * Conditional statements * Serial communication * Potentiometers * Variables * Store information Day 5- You will design, build, and program your own custom light display. You will learn about: * Schematics * Reuse code * Simplify code * Creativity * Presenting results ___ Each lesson builds off the previous one, providing a further opportunity to apply the skills and concepts students have already learned. This course will include a Software and Hardware Kit containing the following: Arduino IDE (Programming environment) Software 1 Arduino Uno 1 USB cable 1 Board mounting base 70 Solid core jumper wires 1 Multimeter 1 9V battery snap 1 9V battery 20 LEDs (5 red, 5 green, 5 yellow & 5 blue ) 5 Resistors 560 Ω 5 Resistors 220 Ω 1 Breadboard 400 points 1 Resistor 1kΩ 1 Resistor 10kΩ 1 Small Servo motor 2 Potentiometers 10kΩ 2 Knob potentiometers 2 Capacitors 100uF Solid core jumper wires 5 Pushbuttons 1 Phototransistor 2 Resistors 4.7kΩ 1 Jumper wire black 1 Jumper wire red 1 Temperature sensor 1 Piezo 1 Jumper wire female to male red 1 Jumper wire female to male black 3 Nuts and Bolts

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