iPhone 11 (6.1") / XR Privacy Screen Protector (3Pk)

iPhone 11 (6.1") / XR Privacy Screen Protector (3Pk)


3 Pack- Premium Tempered 9H Ultra Privacy Screen Protector with  an Easy Installation Frame [Fits with Most Cases]


From the Manufacturer:


  • Designed for- iPhone 11 / iPhone XR (6. 1-inch Screen) . This new privacy screen protector will keep all your personal information away from the eyes of strangers around you. (IMPORTANT: This privacy screen protector will filter out a portion of your screen's brightness. Your smartphone's screen brightness will be reduced by 35% when screen protector is in use. For the best usage, please manually adjust your brightness depending on your day-to-day situations).
  • Everyday Protection - Features hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to ensure your screen is devoid of any sweat, fingerprint, or oil residue. An anti-scratch surface will protect your screen from minor drops, accidental bumps, and daily wear-and-tear.
  • Anti-Spy - Our unique privacy screen protector blocks the view of any person trying to view your screen, whether to the left or right of you, within a 38-degree angle. Our screen is only visible to those directly facing the screen. Now, keep all private information safe while on mobile and away from dangerous eyes.
  • Easy Installation - Simple, quick, and easy to install. Comes included with an installation frame, wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers, and a handy user manual. to only take a few minutes.

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