Hoist controller 10A Relay Module replacement set


The Automatic Hoist Controller comes standard with 10 amp max relay modules. (This listing)

If the motor you wish to control exceeds this amp rating, you will need to upgrade the modules to a larger amp rating. (We offer a 30 amp upgrade kit)


This (10 amp) module set will be plug and play:

  • Includes the connectors that plug directly into your controler board  
  • No soldering required
  • Includes the connector wiring harnesses for connecting to the hoist and pendant also
  • This listing includes one(1) Bypass Relay Module and one(1) Directional Relay Module


These modules are compatible with version 4.6 or later. (See the LCD Display during bootup to determine your version)


If your version is older, please contact us via messaging. We will need to provide additional instruction for integration into your system.

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