Automatic Controller for Hoist Powered Elevator

Automatic Controller for Hoist Powered Elevator


This item is the Controller Unit Only.

Buttons and Limit Switches are sold separately from this item


This newest design makes connections much easier than previous designs.

With clearly marked screw terminals and integrated high voltage connections, wiring this unit should be a breeze.


This kit provides all of the electronics you will need to automatically control an elevator/platform moved by a hoist/motor.

It does not include the hoist but instructions will be provided to connect to your hoist/motor.


This unit will allow motion between two or  three locations. 

For each location that you wish to have buttons, you will need to have the following:

* one momentary button for each floor in your system (Two floor = 2 buttons for each button panel; Three floor = 3 buttons for each button panel).

*One emergency stop button (Normally Closed in the operating position).

You can use your own buttons or you can purchase a Button Add-On Pack (Sold Separately)  on our site as well.


You will need to have limit switches for this unit as follows:

1 qty- Normally Open limit switch for each floor you need to stop at (Minimum 2 for top and bottom floor)

2 qty- Normally Closed limit switches for the backup limit switches (Safety measure in case the floor switches fail)

You can use your own buttons or you can purchase a Limit Switch Add-On Pack (Sold Separately)


This item includes the following:

1 qty. Control Unit with built-in LCD Display

1 qty. Power Adapter

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