MPPT Charge Controller

MPPT Charge Controller

From the manufacturer:


  • MakeSkyBlue MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Not PWM) with LCD Display
  • 5 times Solar Power Point Tracking Speed
  • 【Battery Detection】Automatically Support 12V 24V 36V 48V Lead-Acid/ AGM/ Gel/ Lithium/ LiFePo4 Batteries In Series or In Parallel Connection On Bat+,Bat- Terminal
  • 【Multiple Protection】Automatic Overcharge Portection, Output Limited Current Protection,Over Temperature Protection
  • 【LCD Display】Multi-Function Liquid Crystal Display, Back-Light, Cumulative Power, Error Codes if problems exist.
  • Adjustable Parameters




  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology
  • Built-in DSP controller with high performance
  • Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance
  • Multi-function LCD displays
  • Suitable for all kinds of battery




  • Maximum PV Array Power:


For 30 amp unit:

  • ≤ 400W Panel for 12V Battery
  • ≤ 720W Panel for 24V Battery
  • ≤ 100W Panel for 36V Battery
  • ≤ 1200W Panel for 48V Battery


For 40 amp unit:

  • ≤ 480W Panel for 12V Battery
  • ≤ 960W Panel for 24V Battery
  • ≤ 1400W Panel for 36V Battery
  • ≤ 1700W Panel for 48V Battery


For 60 amp unit:

  • ≤ 720W Panel for 12V Battery
  • ≤ 1440W Panel for 24V Battery
  • ≤ 2100W Panel for 36V Battery
  • ≤ 2800W Panel for 48V Battery



  • PV Array Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):



  • 20V-80V for 12V Battery
  • 37V-105V for 24V Battery
  • 50V-160V for 36V Battery
  • 72V-160V For 48V Battery




  • Default charging mode is for lead acid battery
  • Set the voltage from 12V-17V for 12V Battery, 24V-34V for 12V Battery, 36V-51V for 12V Battery and 48V-68V for 48V Battery




  • Limited current protection: 31A
  • Temperature protection: >75℃
  • Fan-on temperature: >45℃ Fan-off temperature: <40℃
  • Overcharging protection voltage: 15V for 12V battery, 30V for 24V battery, 45V for 36V battery and 60V for 48V battery


These units can be stacked. For example:

120 amp is accomplished with two 60 amp units stacked in parrallel.

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