190-210 amp/hour solar system battery (approx 2 yr old)

190-210 amp/hour solar system battery (approx 2 yr old)

These are 1 - 2 year old telecomm batteries that are cycled out of service due to government regulations.

These batteries have an expected life span of at least 10 years and have a good portion of that life expectancy left in them.

Available brands vary according to current inventory so message us for current selection availability.

Most of these batteries retail for $700 - $1000 so even if you find it neccessary to pay for shipping, you are still getting a great deal!


Here at OffGridOnline.net, we practice what we preach! Our home has been off the grid since September of 2016. We have used various recycled batteries for our system, but these batteries we get from our current supplier has provided us with reliable, trouble-free, batteries for over two years. (See pictures in this listing of our battery system that supplies our power here in Tennessee)


Shipping for this item is available but requires a price quote prior to shipment.


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