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Solar PV System Estimator Android App

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Going off the grid is gaining popularity!
But how can you join the movement?
You do not want to spend all of that money only to find that your Solar System was not designed properly and completely undersized. Spending more money than you planned is never a good idea.

This Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) System Calculator & Estimator takes all of the guesswork out of the equation.

This estimator provides the following:

► Calculates how many panels you will need.
► Allows you to enter data for individual cells for those of you who want to build your own solar panels OR for factory made panels.
► Calculates the amount of area needed to place panels.
► Calculates how many batteries you will need for your loads.
► Includes calculations based on local Solar Insulation (Average hours of usable sunlight for your location. Links to the NREL website for a map with legend)
► Includes ability to compensate for 1 to 10 continuous cloudy days.
► Customize how much reserve capacity you would like your batteries to have after a deep discharge.
► Allows you to enter the distances between the panels, the charge controller and the battery bank to determine the required wire gauge and lineal measurement of wire required.
► Calculates the minimum amperage rating of your charge controller based on your loads
► Compensates for power loss from power converters used on AC powered devices
► Lastly, provides a materials list for the items required for your system.


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